OPINION: Immigrants versus Slaves

//DAVID ROBINSON// On Mon., March 6, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, former presidential candidate and renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson referred to slaves as “immigrants” when speaking to department employees. “That’s what America is about; a land of dreams and opportunity,” Carson said. “There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of […]

OPINION: A Decision

//DAVID ROBINSON// I have made many decisions in my life. I am proud of some of them, not so proud of others and regretful of many. This is the essence of humanity; every human being is forced to make decisions. Our decisions affect how people view us, influence our future, determine our place in society […]

Musicians Protest Recent Election

//HANNAH LOVELL//   Now that the election is over and Trump has taken his place in the White House as the 45th President of The United States, it is obvious that many Americans are not happy. Protests began the day after the Inauguration with the Women’s March and continues with each policy Trump passes. It […]

Opinion: Election 2016

//SHAYAN ZARRIN// The reality is starting to kick in. Some people still can’t fathom the fact that Donald Trump will be our president for the next four years. We have elected a xenophobic, racist and sexist president who bragged about raping women. Terrific. This fact has caused many people, including myself to get sick to […]

Trump and Climate Change

//EMMA FRIESEN// During Barack Obama’s presidency there have been significant developments and policies made to attempt to combat global warming. According to whitehouse.gov, when it comes to clean energy, “the U.S. has increased solar electricity generation by more than ten-fold, and tripled electricity production from wind power.” The Obama administration has also directed government agencies, […]

OPINION: Not Our President

//ERICA VENABLE & EMILY KINNEY// A dark shadow was cast over the United States on November 8th when Donald Trump won the Presidential election. This is a man who ran a campaign based on hatred and fear-and won. For us, and countless other millennials, he will never be our president. When Barack Obama was elected […]

Opinion: Donald Trump, For or Against?

The following articles are two differing views on the 2016 Presidential elect, Donald Trump, from two Mountain Vista Media students.  //SAVANAH HOWARD// I do not believe in discrimination. I do not believe in hate. I do believe that hatred cannot come from one person. Hatred and oppression cannot be forced by a single hand. A country full […]