Rollin’ Into Politics with Ivan De La Garza

Vista Now Video is introducing a new segment series on political opinions.  The first 2 episodes have been released, and many more will come.  Ivan and guests talk about the democrats, republicans, and everything in between.  He gets opinions about the upcoming election, corruption in the government, and media coverage.  Join us on this political […]


Colorado takes the election to new heights

MIKAYLA OLAVE Colorado’s Republican primary votes have taken an unexpected curve resulting in Ted Cruz taking Colorado. In the surprising turn of events, Ted Cruz took all 34 of Colorado’s Republican delegates, leaving his opponent Donald Trump with nothing. “If we continue to stand united,” Cruz said, “we are going to win this Republican nomination.” […]


The Truth about Gender Income Inequality

Few topics are as buzz-worthy as that of gender income inequality. The fact of the matter is that equal pay statistics are often times misleading and after examining the statistics associated with the issue it becomes apparent that gender income inequality is nothing more than a misguided narrative. Perhaps the most quoted statistic pertaining to […]


Bernie’s Racist Debate Blunder

CHRISTIAN HOLTON Last Sunday the two remaining candidates in the democratic party, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, squared off for a debate in Flint, Mich. The debate, which primarily focused on the Flint water crisis, was pretty much the same boring dialogue that we have become so acquainted with throughout this campaign season. However, […]


Super Tuesday Standings: Democrats

Super Tuesday is arguably the most important day of the Democratic primary. Twelve states and territories will hold caucuses and primaries to pick a candidate for the 2016 nomination. ALABAMA: 53 delegates Clinton leads 65 to 27 percent.   ARKANSAS: 32 delegates Clinton leads 57 to 32 percent.   COLORADO: 66 delegates There is no […]


CNN/ORC: Sanders leads everyone on the Republican ballot, Clinton only ahead of Trump

The most recent CNN/ORC polls suggest both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton would defeat GOP front runner Donald Trump in the general election. Clinton tops Trump 52 percent to 44 percent among currently registered voters. Sanders sits ahead of him 55 percent to 43, a wider margin than Clinton enjoys. But, a win is a […]

Hillary Clinton

BLOG: Which Hillary?

“We have to bring them to heel.” -Hillary Clinton speaking of at-risk youth, 1996 The race to become the Democratic nominee is tight, and the decision-making is beginning to lay largely in the hands of minorities. Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders substantially among minority voters. I’m not here to tell minority voters who to vote […]