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  • “The Curious Savage” Tickets

    “The Curious Savage” Tickets

    Ticket’s for Stage Flight Theatre’s final play of the year, “The Curious Savage,” are now on sale for May 1-3 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets for students are $7 and $10. “The Curious Savage” is about Mrs. Savage who has been committed to a “sanatorium” by her stepchildren after her late […]

  • “Bears” Movie Review

    “Bears” Movie Review

    KELSEY PHARIS//KATIE PICKRELL The movie “Bears,” directed by Alastair Fothergill, Keith Scholey and narrated by John C. Reilly is a wonderful documentary showing the lives of a brown bear family in Alaska.   Focusing mainly on the cubs, the documentary opens up as Reilly introduces a bear named Sky (the […]

  • Art Club

    Art Club

    HAYLEY MUSTIN   Twice a month a group of aspiring artists all meet in Mr. Goldman’s room to create and inspire amazing works of art. The club is run by sophomores Reagan Fitzke, Clare Liu and Hannah Avner, and is sponsored by Mr. Goldman and Ms. Price. “Art club is […]

  • Mountain Vista Sports Update

    Mountain Vista Sports Update

    This spring has brought a new level of competition to the Mountain Vista sports.   The combined record of the four spring sports whose proficiency is marked by wins and losses is 41-5-1. Each team has not lost more than twice.   The baseball team is 13-1 after beating Legend […]

  • Women’s Soccer: By the Numbers

    Women’s Soccer: By the Numbers

    ANNA THEIS As of today, the Mountain Vista soccer team remains the top. With an impressive record of 9-0-1 (overall) and 6-0-1 (league), they are holding off competitors Rock Canyon and Regis Jesuit, who are second and third in the league, respectively. With last night’s win against Littleton, (1-0), they are well […]

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