Riot Fest and Rodeo

TYLER FELSKE Riot Fest, one of the biggest music festivals that comes through Denver, is hitting once again this weekend for the third year. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday major names such as Modest Mouse, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Rancid, Run DMC and many more will be playing at the National Western Complex in Denver, Colo. […]


Reagan Tonner goes to Nicaragua

HAYLEY MUSTIN | PHOTOS COURTESY OF REAGAN TONNER This summer senior Reagan Tonner got to experience something outside of the country. Tonner traveled to Nicaragua for a mission trip alongside family and friends, a trip she has been making for eight years. Tonner’s group went in and out of a orphanage clinic playing with the kids, […]

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How to Register to Vote

CHRISTIAN HOLTON The 2016 Presidential election is quickly approaching! For a majority of seniors at Mountain Vista the 2016 election will be their first opportunity to vote. However if you haven’t registered to vote by November of 2016 you will not be able to. Registering to vote in Colorado online is easy and only has […]


Advice to Freshman

A maze to find your class while crowded hallways make the struggle real.The first week of highschool is very nerve wracking. Your friends might have different classes than you, you might not know anyone to sit with at lunch or you might have no idea where your classes are. As much as it seems like […]