Metro Math Day Competition

Math Day, a new tradition started by math teacher Jeffrey Olson, is a field trip where a collect group of students visit a college and participate in multiple math events. At the beginning of the school year Olson took students to Colorado State University. This past week they traveled downtown to Metro State University where […]

The Worst Movies of 2016

//DAVID ROBINSON// Hey, Hollywood! I have a New Year’s Resolution for you: never make movies like these again. 2016 had some fantastic flicks, but these certainly were not anywhere near fantastic; on the contrary, they were horrendous. These ten movies are the Worst Movies of 2016. Please note that this countdown is my personal opinion […]

Brazilian Soccer Team Dies in Plane Crash

LAUREN LIPPERT After earning their spot in the Copa Sudamericana finals, an international competition for South American soccer, a plane carrying the members of the Chapecoense Brazilian soccer team crashed in the mountains near Medellin, Colombia on Tuesday Nov. 28. According to authorities the plane ran out of fuel as well as had an electric […]

Maya Winslow Tears ACL in Club Soccer

//KATY HARRIS// Athletes like sophomore Maya Winslow push themselves to their breaking point and sustain injuries such as an ACL tear like Winslow has. “It’s hard [to go through an injury like this] because I’ve devoted so much time to club soccer,” Winslow said. “I was sad at first but I’m using this time to […]

Clinton’s Path to 270-Important States

//CHARLIE PENVARI// The 2016 election is finally coming to an end with a past couple of weeks of eye raising headlines. From Donald Trump’s leaked audio tapes, and to the FBI’s re-opening of Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin’s emails (and to the recent conclusion on Sunday from the FBI that there has been no foul play), Clinton […]

JV Football at Pomona

   The Mountain Vista junior varsity football team faces Pomona High School today at 4:30 p.m. at Pomona. “I feel pretty comfortable about it. By watching the varsity play, some of the guys have an understanding of what they are going to be facing,” Coach Burrell said when asked about the game. He believes the […]