Water You Drinking?


Do you hate drinking lukewarm water from one of the school fountains? This article might help you find an ice cold drink next time you’re thirsty. We conducted a study that finally answers the question that students and faculty alike have been asking; which water fountain is the “best” in the school?

Students generally prefer drinking colder water and also don’t want to find themselves with their lips on the spout. We assessed multiple factors in the ranking of the fountains such as temperature and water pressure (the height of the stream). Our research found that it is a close tie between the back of the U300s and the middle of the U300s next to the mens bathroom for one conflicting reason: the fountain at the the back of the U300s is 53.4°F and has a high stream, but the fountain at the middle of the U300s has a temperature of 50.2°F and has a lower stream, making it more difficult to fill up water bottles.

Junior Ethan Love drinks from the water fountain in the back of the U300s during seventh period. “My favorite water fountain in the school is the one in the back of the 300s,” Love said. “It’s always really cold.”

Security guard and varsity baseball coach Ron Quintana also sides with the fountain in the back of the U300s. “It is by far the best water fountain in the school,” Quintana said.

We came to a conclusion that if you are looking to fill up a bottle, your best bet is the back of the U300s. If you are without a bottle, look to the middle of the U300s for a cold and steady source of refreshing water.

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