Zoo Lights

On Dec. 18, the last day of school before Winter Break, sophomores Anna Van Leuven and Liz Zorn went to see Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo.

“The outer ring of the zoo is open and a main chunk of the event is when you first walk in and then you walk around and they have lights set up everywhere,” Van Leuven said. “The parts they don’t want you to go to are blocked off and they have stands with hot chocolate, food and heaters.”

Although it was incredibly cold that night, and not a lot of animals were out, “they had some of the indoor exhibits open so you could go see the animals,” Van Leuven said.

Van Leuven said her favorite light up animal was the jellyfish in the sea section of the zoo.

When asked, Van Leuven that she would definitely go to Zoo Lights again next year because it was very pretty and cool.

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