Yearbook First Impressions


At the 2013 Taste of Vista event, all of the students will be able to get their hands on the 2012-2013 yearbook. However, anyone who attended the distribution party was able to get their yearbook early and look back on the biggest events of the previous year.



The students who have received their yearbooks have had positive first impressions.

The yearbook is being praised as a being professional and worth the money.

“The yearbook looks very professional,” Amanda Richerdson, 12, said. “It always seems like we get more than what we payed for. I always love seeing pictures that I didn’t even know were taken”


The theme of the yearbook, punctuate, has gone over well with the people who got their books early.


“I like how colorful the book is, and I think the theme really works,” Kelly Strife, 12, said.

When getting their books, most students turn to see the senior pages to check out what they have to say.


“I look forward to the senior pictures the most because I love seeing the quotes and all of my friends,” Ally Parks, 11, said.


Students have also been enjoying looking at this yearbook compared to other yearbooks.

“I like seeing them (senior pictures) because I can see where the seniors are now from where they were,” Robbie Stewart, 12, said. “I like how appealing the book is and it seems better than a lot of the other yearbooks.”


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