“Woman in Black 2: The Angel of Death” Movie Review


The second installment of “The Woman in Black” was a disappointment regarding the fact that it lacked in suspense, trepidation and overall production quality- all the things that contribute to creating a bearable horror film.

The movie opens inside London in 1940 as two women are taking a group of children to a desolate island to escape the dangers of World War II.

While in the house one specific child, Edward (Oaklee Pendergast), starts acting strange imageswhile other children start to have “accidents” leading to their death.

It is then found out that the Woman in Black is trying to punish Eve, played by Phoebe Fox, because both never knew their sons after they were born out of wedlock.

Along the way Eve meets a man who she believes to be a pilot, Harry (Jeremy Irvine). They try to escape the house and save the children that they can. Of course, despite their best efforts, they are never truly free from the Woman in Black.

Production wise, the film managed to keep the audience on edge for a short amount of time, but always failed to fill anyone with surprise. Many times it lost massive amounts of potential with nothing but mystery that ultimately dead ended at the end of the film.

The highlight of the film was definitely the acting. Fox and Irvine both portrayed their roles well and Pendergast did a phenomenal job being a creepy, estranged orphan.

The sequel was no doubt a step down from the original “Woman in Black” that lacked in many areas, especially suspense. It was filled with the same, repetitive, bland moments that every horror movie utilizes to get some kick out of the audience.

And, spoiler alert, the hot guy dies. That being said, two out of five stars is the most I can bear to give this movie. It’s not the worst horror film out, but I wouldn’t recommend it over pretty much anything else.

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