Why Not Take A Music Class?

//Morgan Maclean//

In Feb., students at Mountain Vista pick their classes for the upcoming year. Every year students pick between many core classes and even more elective classes.  Many students have a hard time choosing what their three elective periods should be. Many would suggest making one of these electives a music class.

High school is a great time to try out an instrument. A study from the National Association for Music Education shows that students who take a music class in high school have a better memory, stay more engaged in school and even have better SAT scores.

“Band has helped me in other aspects [of life] by shaping the way I see things and how I approach situations in life,” sophomore Jensen Rogers said. Many music students are able to take what they have learned in their music class and apply it to other situations to help them problem solve.

Mountain Vista offers a variety of music classes for both experienced musicians and beginners. Chamber orchestra, symphonic band, string orchestra, percussion technique, piano and guitar can all be taken by anyone at any level of experience. Wind and jazz ensemble both require auditions.


Music classes at Vista have concerts throughout the year. “My wind ensemble class has a fall concert with some Halloween themes coming up,” sophomore Logan Abraham said.The date of that performance is Oct. 6. It will be held in the auditorium at 6:30 p.m. and admission is free.

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