Why I Stand with Kim Kardashian


International Women’s Day was Tuesday, March 8 and, as expected, thousands of women and men around the world came together to support the cause of equality and equal rights.

As usual many celebrities also showed their support and to them what it meant to be strong, beautiful and most importantly a woman. One of the many celebrities to do so was Kim Kardashian West as she posted a nude photo on Twitter with the hashtag International Women’s Day.

This photo got hate on all forms of social media from everyone from Internet trolls to recording artist Bette Midler. All these people who came out against Kim Kardashian calling her a slut and saying she degrades women are also degrading women with those comments.

Kardashian is a beautiful woman who is confident in her herself and her sexuality. Judging her on that makes none of those people any better than anyone else.

No woman, whether they are famous or not, should be slut shamed, body shamed or judged for who they are and what they post. I want all people to understand that if they don’t agree with what someone says or what someone posts then they should just unfollow that person because putting someone down not only makes you look like an asshole, but it does nothing to those people that were hurt.

Lucky for Kim, she was given support from other body loving celebrities who also posted nude or nearly nude photos even if they aren’t the definition of the “perfect” body. One of the celebrities was Amber Rose.

Rose posted two pictures on Instagram, one of Kim and one was a note encouraging women to be themselves and to always respect themselves. Now Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian don’t always see eye to eye seeing as Kim is now married to Amber’s ex, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are both proud feminist who love themselves and their body.

Imagine a world where every woman was able to be that comfortable with her body and that confident in who she was as a person and what she believed.

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