Why I Stand Against Kim Kardashian



Feminist definition: advocating social, political, legal and economic right for women equal to those of men.


If Kanye posted a nude selfie, we’d add pervert to the long list of adjectives to describe him. And let’s not forget that Mrs. Kardashian West originally posted the nude selfie in question two days prior with the caption “when you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.”


Feminist power on display.


She posted another nude photo the next day. And then added the International Women’s Day hashtag the NEXT day and reposted this week’s first nude selfie. So to be clear, it took three nude photos this week from Ms. Kardashian West to convince us she is a feminist icon.


I have grown up listening to my parents, who have two daughters, tell me I can do anything a man can do; that women fought for my right to vote so I should exercise it; that I must get a degree in college that would equip me to support myself in a changing economy. Never did they instruct me that I should share nude photos of myself in an expression of my power and equality.


And this is the problem with Kim Kardashian and her “feminist” stance. She has built a very successful television and video game empire–as inane as I find that, celebrate it on International Women’s Day! Instead, the woman who rose to fame by virtue of a sex tape and continues to exploit, not celebrate, her sexuality for financial gain again uses the importance of body (hers) to supersede the importance of brain (in all women).


If any student at MVHS posted a similar picture, it would be considered child pornography. And newsflash: the Kardashians are not growing their vast empire because our parents believe in and support them. They are making money and gaining social media traction because of the support of pre-teens, teenagers and young adults. The only thing Kim Kardashian did on International Women’s Day (IWD) was post another self-aggrandizing nude photo that keeps her relevant in a world that values her ONLY for the way she looks. That’s not the definition of feminism, it’s narcissism. If she were a feminist, she’d be advocating women to vote on pertinent issues in the upcoming election. She’d be using IWD to remind other women of the importance of social giving or action. She’d be lamenting the fact that women still make less than men for an hour of the same work ($.79 to their $1).


I don’t unfollow people I disagree with (and no, that doesn’t make me an asshole), I learn from them. Thanks for all the lessons, Kim!

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