“Where She Went” Book Review

“Where She Went” by Gayle Forman is the sequel to the best seller “If I Stay”. “If I Stay” told the story of teenage girl, Mia, who lives in Portland, Oregon. Mia’s is a talented cellist with a musician boyfriend, a cool family and a relatively normal life. However, it all changes one winter day when Mia and her family get in a devastating car crash.

The sequel was published in 2011, approximately 2 years after “If I Stay” was published. “Where She Went” is set five years into the future in New York. Adam has become a famous rock star while Mia has become a renowned cellist. The sequel to “If I Stay” is an emotional and romantic novel told from the perspective of Adam. It tells the story of one night Adam and Mia spend together when they meet up again after years of not speaking, in New York. The pair spend the night going to all of Mia’s favorite spots in New York. The chapters switch between present and Adam’s memories of Mia and her family before the accident.

If you were a fan of “If I Stay” I would definitely recommend reading the sequel. All of the loose ends in the first book are tied up at the end of the second book and it leaves the reader with the feeling of closure. The book pulls readers in right away. It was written with just as much detail and emotion as the first book. Despite some parts being heartwrenching and depressing, the book as a whole is witty and freeing at the same time. “Where She Went” was as good if not better than the first book. I would give the second book 4 out of 5 stars.


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