What’s Next for the Boko Haram

2,000 dead and counting is just one of the statistics that are associated with the death toll caused by the Islamic Militant group Boko Haram based out of Nigeria.

This group is looking to enforce Sharia or Islamic Law.  They are violent and they seem as though they can not be stopped.

Ever since the group’s start (officially) in 2002 they have been at large by attacking police, schools, villages, prisons, military bases and many more.

One of their most recent attacks was Jan. 3 on a town called Baga as well as a multinational military base and sixteen other neighboring villages. The total body count: 2,000 at least.

UnknownThey will not be able to know the official body count until the Boko Haram is no longer occupying the town.

Many bodies are scattered across the ground or in bushes as most of them died attempting to flee from the gunfire.  If any families tried to hide in their houses they were burned alive. Those who were able to get out of the town drowned as they unsuccessfully tried to swim across Lake Chad.

“Each new crime committed by Boko Haram exceeds the last in brutality,” Angelina Jolie said in a statement.

This could not be more true.  The Boko Haram started by attacking police buildings and schools, now they are committing mass murder.

They also kidnaped about 200 school girls who have yet to be seen since then, except for one who was sent into a Nigerian market with explosives on her chest. She, along with 19 other civilians, was killed in the explosion.

With all this tragedy happening in Africa, what is anybody doing to help it? Almost nothing.

The Catholic Archbishop of Jos and president of the Nigerian Bishops Conference, Ignatius Kaigama, showed the difference between the West’s quick jump to help France after the 17 people were killed but their slower and less enthusiastic attempt to help after the brutal murder of some 2,000 people in Africa.

People in the West should be helping those in need around the world, not just the places that are in the public eye.

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