What’s A Part Of Your Year?

When a school year comes to an end, there are a lot of events meant to spark enthusiasm: Prom, parties, trips, and even movies. What were Vista’s kids the most excited for this year? And what are they still looking forward to? Let’s see which of this year’s events have the most exciting memories and which are still being anticipated:


Akanksha Ray: “I’m going to Jersey to visit my friend who does Indian dance. [She’s] graduating Indian dance so I’m going to watch her do that and I get to meet all my friends from Tulsa. And I’m also going to my friend’s graduation party in Oklahoma.”

Tristan Corcoran: “[I’m] going on a trip to Mexico with friends. And end of the school year parties.”

Aaron Albury: “I am excited mostly about the weather changing. I’m excited to finally get my final grades so I can know how successful I was as a freshman.”


Corinne Landy: “I might go on vacation with my family and I’m planning to have a couple parties with my friends to celebrate the end of the year.”

Kayla Reed: “I’ll remember Goldust, the spring choir performance. It was filled with popular music, singing, and dancing!”

Connor Bruce: “I’m excited for no more homework for a while. I’m looking forward to moving up to the other balconies in the gym and being finished with finals when they come around.”

Ryan Zenoni: “[I’m excited for] wrapping school up and just getting everything done and the feeling of being done with school.”

Nathan Korinek: “Did the Iron Man 3 premiere count? Because that was the best movie I’ve ever seen! I’ll absolutely remember it.”


Aparna Krishnaswamy: “My friend, Karishma [Patel] (11) and I compete in FBLA and we went to the state competition and qualified for Nationals. I’m also excited to get all my AP tests over with so that I can just relax and watch movies in all my AP classes. I’m kind of excited for finals to just be over so I can enjoy my summer and be free. I’ll also remember The Great Gatsby [movie]. We read the book in English and it was probably one of the most amazing books that I have ever read. Leonardo DiCaprio was an amazing Gatsby [in the movie] and Tobey Maguire was a perfect Nick.”

Tom Place: “I’m excited for school to end. Just like every high school student I just want the school year to end as quickly as humanly possible.”

Josie Chavez: “I’m excited to see Iron Man 3 because it’s action-packed and I like action. And Robert Downey Jr. is awesome!”

Elizabeth Workman: “I am excited for the final orchestra concert. We get to play movie music, including selections from Harry Potter and the bands are playing Lord of the Rings. It is by far the best concert each year.”


Jake Laughlin: “I’ll remember Prom. I’ll remember all the stuff leading up to Prom, like dodgeball. I’m also excited for the last times we get to spend together. I’ll be completely honest, I do not care anymore about any classes I have, but the time I get to spend with my friends in those classes is really important to me. Also, getting my yearbook because that’s something I look forward to every year.”

Chayenne Theberge: “Because everything is starting to pile up people tend to get overwhelmed with finals, graduation coming up, getting community service hours, and it’s just… everything! It’s kind of hard to focus on single things. But I’ll definitely remember Prom. I feel like that’s such a ‘favorite’ thing to say but I will.”

Meredith Tolleson: “Things I’ll remember: the TOC [Tournament of Champions], getting ready for Prom with a group of my friends. Things I’m excited for: graduation getting a job as a mermaid at the aquarium, senior breakfast, senior cording, and senior awards.”

Robby Stewart: “I’m actually excited for a lot of things before the year is over! Spending the last month of high school with my entire class. Graduation for sure! It is the last day the class of 2013 is all together which is exciting and sad at the same time. I am just trying to enjoy every moment we have left in high school because we will never have this same experience again. And I’ll remember Iron Man 3. It was life-changing.”


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