What to do When Grades Slide


Many students are taking challenging classes, balancing them with sports or activities, and all at the same time dealing with general high school drama. At this time, it is easy for grades to slide in the midst of everything a student is dealing with. But what are students supposed to do when their grades fall?4020584983_650058eea4_o

Social Studies teacher Robyn Mott, suggests going to math lab, writing lab, and getting all the help you can get when this happens.

“Take action immediately, use your planner, and talk to your teacher to see what you can do,” Mott said.

When grades slide, make sure to not just hide it. It’s good to take action and try to fix it as soon as possible.

“Advocate for yourself and be proactive, because if you don’t the teacher won’t have any remorse for you at the end of the semester,” Mott said.

It’s easy to let grades slide, but it’s worth it at the end of the year to have a good grade, instead of a bad one. Just remember to go to SOAR, talk to your teachers, and advocate for yourself.

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