Welcome to Vista: Athletic Director Shawn Terry


Mountain Vista welcomed Athletic Director, Shawn Terry, from Northridge High School in Greeley, Colo. where he was previously athletic director and a part of the administrative staff. Prior to working in Greeley, he originated from Kansas City and Leavenworth, with a year in between where he worked in Independence, Mo. as solely the athletic director.

In total, this will be his tenth year as an administrator.  “I have to say this is the most exciting job I’ve had, and I’m looking forward to never leaving this job. I love it here,” Terry said.

At Mountain Vista, Terry assumes the role of athletic director and assistant principal, previously occupied by Pat McCabe. McCabe moved to Arapahoe High School to take over the athletic director position there. “I live in Loveland, so I drive over an hour and a half to get here, but it is a lot more enjoyable drive when you are going to a job you love,” Terry said.

As a part of his new role, he has big plans for the coming years at Vista and aspires to make them all a reality. “I want us to be clean across the board,” Terry said. “My motto is: In constant pursuit of excellence, you never settle for how good yesterday was because nobody cares that you won a state championship last year.”

As the new athletic director, he plans to create an environment where there is an equal amount of school spirit for all the athletics at Vista, directing students to support all of the sports. “Everyone is as fired up as can be, and I absolutely cherish this place. That’s the part I love, that resonates with me because it is not fake school spirit, it is truly awesome,” Terry said.

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