Watsky Concert Review

//Victoria Coffman//

On April 21, George Watsky took on the stage at Ogden theatre in Denver as the third concert of his Invisible Inc Tour. The focus of the concert was not only his latest album, X Infinity but the 10 year reunion of his band Invisible Inc. Opening and performing with him on the tour was Adam Vida, a hip hop rapper who was a featured artist in Watsky’s X Infinity song “Exquisite Corpse.” For Watsky, being in Denver after a year away proved to be an electrifying experience and it left the crowd’s hearts racing with excitement.

Watsky began building a title for himself during his late high school and early college years, where he became a champion at the Brave New Voices National Poetry Slam in 2006 with his performances of “If I Were President” and “V for Virgin.” During his freshman year at college he performed at over 150 different universities across the country under his last name and became a veteran of the Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry on HBO. Along with showing off his lyrical talent through poetry, he began rapping for his band Invisible Inc. His fast rapping of a song later titled “Pale Kid Raps Fast” quickly gained attention from the media and he became a two time guest on the Ellen Show.

Watsky’s name is stepping more into the light as it spreads through underground hip hop. His witty humor and word play leaves crowds of people in awe as he addresses political and societal issues. From his poems such as “Drunk Text Message to God” and “Letter To My 16 Year Old Self” to his songs such as “Pink Lemonade” and “Cardboard Castles,” he has adapted the ability to provide an entertaining piece while showing off his philosophies and beliefs about life.

The concert began with Adam Vida opening. He performed a few songs that ranged from his number one song “I’m juiced” to lyrical verses addressing social issues. Then, Watsky took the stage. He began by stating that the last time he was in Denver was right as the polls were coming in for the presidential election. He remembered it changing to Trump for President and the toll it took on him during the performance. He followed his short tangent by the song that he wrote about the election titled “Pink Lemonade.” After a few more songs he began talking to the crowd about how even when things are going bad or looking down that we can come out of it stronger, which were heaving themes in his latest album.

The first three concerts of the tour included a guest performer, Raquel Rodriguez, who just released her single titled “Mile High.” She sang many of the parts in Watsky’s songs that were originally recorded featuring a variety of female voices and left the audience in awe. Alongside Watsky, the two were unstoppable.

A while into the show, Watsky began interacting with the crowd even more than before and jumped into a few crowd surfs and even grabbed the recording phones of a lucky few to give them up close footage of his performance. The crowd was electrified by the intimate performance the small theatre gave to them. Throughout the show Watsky performed many songs from his latest album, a few of his top hit classics, a trilogy featuring two songs and a poem, and his latest songs that he performed with his reunited band Invisible Inc.

Watsky decided to end his concert encore with the trilogy, titled “Tiny Glowing Screens.” The first two pieces, a song and a poem that were included  in his album titled Cardboard Castles, speak to issues with our society from being self absorbed to our reliance on technology and phones. The third piece, a song that was released in his most recent album X Infinity, tackles negativity and focuses on unity, living, and becoming something greater.

As the concert ended late into the night, he left the crowd satisfied and energized. Watsky went backstage and later on came out to meet and greet fans, giving away signatures and pictures to anyone who waited around for it. Along with Adam Vida, who also stepped out to greet fans, they made sure everyone got the best out of their experience. They are artists who care deeply about their fans and do everything they can to interact. Watsky constantly likes, retweets, and replies to fans that tag him, going so far as to give free tickets to those who can’t come to his concerts because of money issues and drawing out pages of doodles and lyrics for fans who want them tattooed.

Overall, Watsky and Invisible Inc came onto the stage a electrified the crowd. He made sure that the experience was worth it and hopes to come back later on in the year to perform at Red Rocks.

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