Volunteer Hours

Do you need volunteer hours? Are you not quite to 20 hours yet? Are you not even close to 20 hours?

There are still plenty of opportunities and if you don’t particularly want to go check out the volunteer opportunity board in the counseling office, here is a short list of 5 upcoming or ongoing opportunities.

1) Barnyard Cleanup Days

I mean, who doesn’t want get hands on ranch-work experience?

At CALF’s Lowell Ranch you can help with certain chores such as cleaning pens/stalls, working in the gardens, or yard work to help clean up for the many agriculture field trip groups that visit.

When: the 3rd Saturday of every month from approx. 9 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Where: CALF’s Lowell Ranch, 2230 S. I-25, East Frontage Road, Castle Rock, CO 80122. 

For more information from Volunteer Connect Douglas County, click here.

2) Dog Care and Fostering

If ranch work isn’t quite your style, but you love cute animals, then you may want to volunteer at Freedom Service Dogs. Freedom service dogs is a program that takes sheltered dogs without homes and trains them into becoming service dogs or therapy dogs to help those in need. There are on site and off site volunteering opportunities including:

On-site: dog care and enrichment, office help, special projects, and group volunteer days.

Off-site: fostering on weekends and holidays, speakers bureau, special events, research projects from home, donation drives, and third party fundraisers.

These volunteer opportunities do require you to attend an orientation class, and possibly others depending on what you are interested in and the programs asks that volunteers work an average of 4 hours per month.

Learn more about this opportunity from Freedom Service Dogs of America’s website by clicking here.

3) Disney Princess Tea Party

If you had a love of Disney as a child, or even still have that love, then you may be interested in spreading the magic by helping out this year’s Princess Tea Party. Highlands Ranch Community Association hosts this party every year where parents can bring their little princes and princesses to a magical tea party featuring one of Disney’ characters, this year’s character being Rapunzel. Volunteers will be helping clean up trash, filling up water, helping in the kitchen, setting up, and tearing down.

For more information from Volunteer Connect Douglas County, click here.

4) Home and Garden Show

If Disney isn’t quite grown up enough for your taste, helping set up and help with events is more your style. Highlands Ranch Community Association is organizing a Home and Garden Show on April 13-15 at Eastridge Recreation Center. Volunteers work in five hour shifts and this would be a great opportunity to finish up those last few hours doing simple tasks like helping vendors unload their set-ups and and keeping the event running smoothly.

For more information from Volunteer Connect Douglas County, click here.

5) Classic Car Show

Now I’m not saying dogs or Disney princesses aren’t super cool, however I am saying that classic cars are. If you’re into seeing some sweet rides and want to spend your volunteer hours helping out those who also enjoy drooling over hot rods, impalas, corvettes, firebirds, and more, then this is definitely something to sign up for. The event is open to the public and takes place on June 16 at Cherry Hills Community Church.

For more information from Volunteer Connect Douglas County, click here.

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