Vista vs. ThunderRidge: The Ultimate Rivalry

The Vista-ThunderRidge rivalry: a mutual hatred for the other school, surfacing mostly in athletic competition and especially in basketball.


This week the mens and womens basketball teams both face off against their biggest rivals and the added competitiveness is evident.


“Extra competition is always good. It definitely gets your heart pumping at the beginning of the game,” senior Kyla Dezel said. “You’ve got to calm the nerves the more you play and whatever team plays better is going to win.”


At the end of the day, both schools may have a familial relationship, but on the court there is a much different relationship.


“I think it’s like a brother sister relationship where we both really want to win, and it’s a competitive game, but in the end we both are sibling schools so we will support each other outside of sports,” freshman Kariss Cash said.


Unfortunately the freshman womens team as well as JV team lost to ThunderRidge, but the varsity women did come out with a win. Now all that’s left to do is for the mens team to take home the win tonight at Thunderidge at 7 p.m.

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