Vista Spirit


Mountain Vista High School has always shown a tremendous amount of school spirit, but it has never been more apparent than at the first home varsity football game of the 2014-2015 season. From face paint to splatter-painted overalls, students decorated themselves in green and gold to support their school.IMG_6620+

One student, Junior Emily Workman, attracted a lot of attention with her awesome Vista cape.

“It’s homemade,” said Emily, “my mom made this cape when my brother went here. He used to wear it and run around the football field. When he graduated he passed it on to my sister, and when she graduated she passed it on to me.”

The student section of the bleachers was also filled with freshman students, but that doesn’t mean this was their very first high school football team.

“I’ve been to a few games in the past. I’m feeling really good about this season; I saw a rainbow tonight, so I take that as a good sign,” said freshman Rebecca Gonzales.

Photo by: Tara O’Gorman

The parent section was also filled with high school football game veterans.  Wesley Weaver, a 7th grader, has been coming to these games for two years.

“I know we haven’t done well in the past, but I’m feeling optimistic,” Weaver said.

Whether it was the rainbow or the enormous amount of school spirit present, something went very well that night, and Vista beat Mountain Range High School 21-6.

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