Vista sets National Record for Make-A-Wish


Meeting Marlee inspired Vista to raise a national record of $92,780.40 for Make-A-Wish (MAW) Colorado. MAW Colorado has the most successful Kids for Wish Kids program in the nation, and Vista is now the most successful Kids for Wish Kids high school in the nation.

The previous record was $72,500, over $20,000 less than what Vista was able to raise in one week.

“I am so proud of the students at Mountain Vista High School for continuing the record of excellence in Colorado for the Kids for Wish Kids program and shattering the national record with an all time high of over $93,000!” Joan Mazak, CEO of MAW Colorado, said.

Vista has had a rough year and seeing the student body come together to help a little girl was just the boost we needed.

“It made us realize that no matter how much darkness in the world there is, there are people as amazing as Marlee who are turning that darkness into light. She became an inspiration through her tough time, so why can’t I? She showed me I can get through anything with a spirit and a will like hers,” senior Paxton Boyer said.


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