Vista Nation Cross Country


The cross country team knew what needed to be done to achieve their goals. After two months of two hour practices six days a week and seven meets around Colorado, all of the goals were met.

As a whole, they set four goals to be met by the end of the season: improve times and distances, become an even closer team, win a race (or both) at state, and sweep all races at the Continental League Championship.

“We have a really fun team and it is really hard, but it is so worth it,” Andrew Walton said.

The runners agree that the biggest accomplishments of the season were taking home the boys state title and sweeping all races at the Continental League Championship.

“Winning the title at state was so exciting and overwhelming. I was unsure if it was really happening. We came together as a team and ran our hardest which paid off,” Walton said.

The individual goals the athletes set for themselves helped them improve significantly from the beginning to the end of the season, when leagues and state took place.

Seth Parker, senior, knows the feeling of hard work paying off, earning his spot on varsity and encouraging his teammates to push themselves harder than ever at the state race.

“We were all super nervous, but the nerves had to be put aside. I kept repeating a quote from Long Green Line by Joe Newton, a famous XC coach in Illinois. He says, ‘However fast you’re running, run faster’. We went faster, and we won.” Parker said with a smile.

Parker had the personal goals of running varsity his last season as a golden eagle cross country runner and breaking 16:30 in the 5k. He was successful in both, running a 16:23 in the 5k which he hopes to beat (sub 16 minutes) when running the in the National Southwest Region race in Arizona Nov. 17th.

Vista cross country is flying higher than ever and are hopeful they will soar above the rest during the 2013 season.


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