Viral Meningitis

Cold and flu season is a familiar winter-time event, but this year viral meningitis found its way to school  early.

Sunday afternoon Principal Weaver was informed that two students had been diagnosed with viral meningitis. Weaver sent out a letter to parents and students informing them of the students with the illness.

During a press conference with channels 9, 7, 4 and 2 News Tuesday afternoon Principal Weaver talked about the situation.

“I first heard of it through a staff member on Sunday afternoon. I had a little personal knowledge of the bacterial form of meningitis [but] knowing that it was viral was a good first step,” Weaver told a 9news reporter.

Viral meningitis is known to be less severe than the bacterial form and is also more common. Symptoms of the illness include fever, stiffness of the neck, headache, sensitivity to light and sleepiness or trouble waking up.

Weaver added that the school has been in close contact with the families and says the students are doing well.

“We’ve communicated with their parents and kept in close contact and made sure that [they know] we’re here for anything they need. From what we’ve heard they’re doing well,” Weaver said.

WATCH: Michael Weaver addresses the outbreak.

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