Vintage Fashion Makes a Comback


Today the typical teen’s style is a mix between new, high-end fashion and used, worn thrift store style. But this new trend is a recent development. This time last year, thrift stores were exclusively shopped by a less fortunate audience, but now people of all age, social status and economic standing sport worn sweaters and vintage dresses.

This new obsession with shopping at secondhand stores seems to be inspired by rap artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and their song “Thrift Shop” from the popular album “The Heist”.

Although Highlands Ranch is an economically secure community, teenagers have gone crazy over not the newest trends, but the more vintage. When walking through the halls of Mountain Vista, a student can see a wide array of styles with vintage touches incorporated. Sweaters embroidered with knitted animals, flashy leggings, distressed collared shirts from a Goodwill and Savers are paired with fashions from Park Meadows’ high end stores.

The two styles are very different: teens have found the perfect balance between new and old. Some teens even pull out that ugly sweater they were ashamed of two years prior, but now students wear them in pride. Ugly is the new pretty.

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