Varsity Softball Defeats ThunderRidge High School at Metropolitan State University

On Thursday the varsity softball team, hungry for a victory over ThunderRidge High School, travelled to Metropolitan State University in Denver for seven innings of softball against its rival. In the first inning the Golden Eagles put five runs up, followed by three in the third. The score was unanswered by their opponent until the sixth inning, when ThunderRidge managed one run. Vista shut down its rival for the remainder of the game, beating ThunderRidge, 8-1.

“[Winning the game] feels amazing,” senior Annalisa Ingui said. “We put a smack down on them last year and it was nice to come back this year and do it again because they were a completely different team.”

The senior members of the team, who had just emerged dominant in their final rivalry match, were overjoyed.

“It is a good experience because it is a core group of girls that have stuck together since day one,” Ingui said.

Defeating ThunderRidge leaves the team with 12 wins and two losses going into its game against Ponderosa High School today at 4:30 p.m.

Photos by Gabe Barnard and Anne Gerringer

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