REVIEW: Vance Joy with Jaymes Young Concert


Vance Joy and Jaymes Young both gave amazing performances during a sold out show at the Bluebird Theater on Saturday, Nov. 22.

Almost three hours before the start of the show, there were already a few fans standing right outside the doors waiting for them to open. When the doors finally did open two hours later, there was a line down the block of people waiting to get in for front row access.

Despite the stacked crowd lining Colfax Ave., the inside of the theater was seemingly empty during the first half Jaymes Young’s opening performance.

Young and the trio band that backed him gave the crowd (though it was slightly minimal at the time) an amazing presentation of one of his most popular songs, “Habits of My Heart.” After playing for another few songs, it was apparent that the concert was, indeed, sold out.

Snapchat-4830833683090127832 copyEach layer of the theater was completely filled with fans. Up front there were plenty of younger people, but the overall crowd was relatively older.

About an hour after the show began, Vance Joy finally took the stage. Opening up with one of his hits, “Emmylou,” Joy, for a short amount of time, grabbed the attention of everyone in the theater.

Throughout the entire concert the crowd towards the back of the theater seemed almost entirely uninterested in any of the less popular songs such as “Snaggletooth” or “Play With Fire.” On the other hand, it was clear seeing the front of the crowd that there were some die-hard fans present at the show.

It was not until the concert was wrapping up when Joy pulled out his more popular song, “Riptide,” that the entire crowd was finally able to pull together and sing along.

Joy ended the night with the song “Mess is Mine” and nonchalantly abandoned the stage.

No doubt that Joy is extremely talented behind his facade of shyness. But unfortunately for the majority of the crowd, it seemed that his stage presence was definitely lacking.

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