Valentine’s Day PJ Party/Babysitting


Mountain Vista’s Global Learners and Leaders are back at it again raising money for their trip to Rome by hosting a PJ Party so that busy parents can have a kid-free date night before Valentine’s Day. On Feb. 10 the school is welcoming parents to drop off their children (potty-trained through 6th grade), who will be distracted by games, crafts and a tasty pizza dinner.

Parents can pre register before Feb. 9 at for a discounted rate of $25 per child. At the moment there are 7 children pre-registered, but the program is expecting a decent turnout. Walk-ins are also welcome at a rate of $35 per child. All proceeds will go to the Global Learners and Leaders program. This night means a lot to students who are in need of some financial aid.

Volunteers from Ms. Caschetta’s class will be taking care of the kids who attend. Junior Saskia Page is volunteering and she is really excited for this night. “This trip will be a really incredible experience because we get to meet with a bunch of kids from different countries all over the world and we’ll get to solve problems,” Page said. “All this hard work for this event will be worth it in the end.”

This event is located here at the school from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. so tell as many parents as you can to help give them a night to themselves. For additional information or questions email

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