On December 13, 2015 information was released stating two 16-year-old girls had been allegedly plotting violence against staff and students at Mountain Vista. Authorities were made aware of these threats through Text-A-Tip, a hotline for students to express concerns to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. No new information has been released on the nature of the threats.

Today one of those girls, named by authorities as Sienna Johnson, is facing adult charges. Johnson is facing two charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Her bond has been set at $1 million.

The other student, who authorities have not yet named, is being held for a psychiatric evaluation before a judge makes a decision if she will be charged as an adult on January 14.

In court, prosecutors claimed that Johnson had a detailed map of where everyone in the school would be, and had allegedly purchased a BB gun for target practice.

A journal of hers, collected during the investigation allegedly revealed “disturbing” images and writings about “NBKs” otherwise known as Natural Born Killers a 1994 film. This film, notorious for its tendency to inspire “copycat” crimes and violent scenes, was also an obsession of the Columbine gunmen.

Johnson’s lawyers claim that investigators have centered their investigation around her journal and her cellphone.

In the hearing, discussion of getting a search warrant for both girls’ cellphones arose.

“There is no direct evidence in this case of [the] Defendant’s possession of any weapons, bombs or incendiary devices,” Johnson’s attorneys stated. “Instead, the prosecution’s theory hinges upon entries written in [the] Defendant’s personal journal, which was seized by law enforcement without a warrant and without consent of either [the] Defendant or her parents.”

Investigators claim that the tip received through Text-A-Tip saved lives.

“I think the text message and the information we obtained through our investigation saved lives for sure given the severity of the situation,” Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said.

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