Underclassmen Track



In any given High School sport program, it is easy to focus the attention on the Varsity team of the sport, with good reason of course.  They are the athletes who bring in titles and victory for the program and for the school.

However, underclassmen in the Track and Field program were given a chance to compete and win a meet at the Palmer Terror Freshman/Sophomore Meet on April 5, and both the girls and boys teams rose to the occasion.

In a competition against 21 other high schools, Vista boys came out in first place with 106.5 points over second place Fountain-Fort Carson High School’s 84 points.  Vista girls came in an incredibly close second place, tailing Falcon High School’s 85 point victory by only one point.

These scores point towards brighter events to come, whether it be the Frosh/Soph finals approaching on May second, or the future of the program when they are in the leading positions.  Vista Track underclassmen have proven not only that the program is ready to compete, but also that it will be for many years ahead.

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