Twister Gone Wild



Saturday May 7, a tornado that was a half-mile-wide touched down in Wray, Colo.


Several other tornadoes were reported in the area. Wray, Colorado is a town of about 2,300 people and about 12 miles from the Nebraska border.

The largest tornado followed U.S. 385 north of the town, throwing down power lines and strewing debris across the highway, a total of five people were injured.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office said its deputies would be assessing the damage and coordinating with first responders. Four structures suffered damage, it added that the storm knocked down about 40 electric poles.

More than a million people in Kansas and Oklahoma faced the threat of severe storms, which were expected to deliver large hail and possible tornadoes in the late afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

Colorado as a state has had many tornadoes, but luckily for the residents majorities of the twisters have been low intensity.


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