Turkey Under Attack


In the northwestern region of Turkey on Wednesday evening, April 27, Ulu Mosque was damaged due to an alleged suicide bombing. The incident occurred in the city of Bursa where six were injured and one was killed. Government officials believe that the attacker was a female. The attack occurred after a warning was issued from the US embassy in Ankara of credible indication of a terrorist attack targeting popular tourist destinations.  


The US Embassy warned US citizens that tourist in Turkey should be cautious in crowded, public places that could be potential targets for terrorist organizations. Both Kurdish rebels and ISIS groups have claimed responsibility for the latest attack on Turkey.


This is a continuation of several terrorist attacks that have taken place in Turkey this year. Last month an explosion of a car bomb in a Turkish capital square resulted in 34 people dead and another 125 injures. The explosion happened in a transportation port where lots of evening traffic was expected.


Turkey officials have issued statements on how they plan to rise above this recent crisis.
“We condemn this terror attack. People who carried out this attack will never succeed,” Interior Minister Efkan Ala said. “Turkey will overcome. Our determination to fight against terror will never be deterred by attacks like this.”

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