Top Ten Studying Tips for Finals Week


With finals right around the corner, many students are on the verge of a psychological breakdown. But fear not, for good news is right around the corner. Some of the best studying strategies are here to ensure everyone will be able to pull out of the dreaded finals week with something to show for the past semester.IMG_9990

10. The first step of any process is admitting your faults.

The fact that you even thought to look through the advice solicited here is an indicator that you know you’ve messed up this semester. There’s little hope left, but there’s also not much left to lose. With the help of your peers and your teachers, and even this article, maybe you can pull it out.

9. Remember this: studying may be horrible, but failing is much worse.

Despite that ugly truth, there’s ways around both situations. Before sitting down with that hefty textbook you’ve lugged around on your back all semester with no intention of actually reading, go on a walk.

Walking around, for many people, is an easy way to relieve stress. While you’re out, consider the option of also going for a drive. Before leaving, making sure your tank is completely full. Interstate 25 stretches from aside the border of Montana, down to Colorado and even to Las Cruces, New Mexico. From there, it’s a short drive to Mexico.

The only fault of this plan is that you’re stuck in Wyoming, southern Montana or Mexico and none of those situations seem very ideal.

8. Also keep in mind that your memory isn’t fully functioning without basic necessities.

Food, water, air and multiple distracting electronics are now extremely crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. It can’t be expected to last a solid 15 minutes without first turning to Netflix or the closest Chinese take-out shop.

Distracting your mind is the best way to test your mind, and if your mind can handle your own, self-inflicted mental tricks, it can definitely pull through that chemistry final that you should totally be studying for right now.

7. Craigslist is always a sure-fire way out of a messy situation.

If you’re a man, visiting any of the sections pertaining to finding someone like you, and if you’re a woman, do the same with the regarding sections. Next, be sure to find an individual who looks exactly like you do. Offer them some money, adjusting the price on the apparent intelligence of an individual, and allow them to finish the work for you.

The only prevailing issue with this tactic is encountered when dealing with teachers that actually know you by your first name. It probably isn’t a great idea to send your seemingly identical twin to take a test for a teacher that’s known you since your freshman year.

6. Faking an illness will not exempt you from finals. The only way to avoid the wrath of your teachers is through the backing of a doctor’s note.

This statement doesn’t necessarily mean that sickness cannot exempt you from testing. A personal recommendation would be to eat slight amount of raw chicken. From there, it’s simply to waltz into your local physician’s office and walk out with the note in hand.

If that circumstance is unattainable to your religion of personal cultural beliefs, you’ll just have to live with the consequences.

5. Sleep on your textbooks.

The reason for sleep, aside from growth and the fact that it’s all-around detrimental to life, is to ensure that our bodies can store the memories created from day to day.

By this ideology, sleeping on top of your textbooks will actually create an imaginary (but fully functioning) bridge between your thoughts and the overwhelming intuition of the AP Edition textbook you haven’t opened up yet at all this year. As the words flow into your subconscious, you’ll instantly lock them into your long term memory where they can be easily accessed the following day.

4. Imagination is key. Imagination is truth.

Hypnotize yourself. Convince yourself that you will ace your finals. Did you lose track of pre-calculus amidst the third chapter? No. You might as well be a mathematician, all you need to do is believe it.

This tip is also important to get into the holiday spirit ahead of winter break. Is Santa real? Yes, as long as you believe it.

3. Complain as much as you can on social media.

Everyone cares about your personal struggles at this time of the year. Right when the work loads on, there’s nothing anyone would appreciate more aside from hearing the entire student body complain about the same thing every day. Too really go all out on this one, ensure that everyone understands how much coffee you’ve been drinking to compensate for your lack of rest.

Another way to contribute on this one is to post all of the ‘no-makeup’ selfies that you can crank out in a day. Make it obvious that finals has even dilapidated your wish to cover your face in foundation, it makes your life seem about twice as bad as it already is.

2. Bribe your teachers, the more the better.

This tip is a little far-fetched for first semester finals, but it never fails. The only downfall is the expectation to give a higher ‘tip’ next semester for “teaching such a lovely class.”

1. Give up, start crying and go to bed.

As I said before, it’s a well known fact that while your body is at rest your mind has the capability to work even harder than it will in a non-resting state. So, since you’ve tried your hardest but now abandoned all hope in yourself, leave the work to your subconscious mind and hope for the best. Sleep for two to three full days for optimum results.

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