Top Super Bowl Commercials of 2015


The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events on American television. Although it was a great game, many people get as much, if not more, enjoyment from the commercials than the game.

The Best Cameo Commercials:

Lindsay Lohan: Esurance

Lohan’s Esurance commercial featured her speeding through a school zone like a distressed soccer mom. Esurance used her as an example for getting coverage to fit you, “not someone kind of like you.”

Walter White: Esurance

Esurance had some of the best overall commercials of the game. After Lohan’s appearance, they had a second commercial featuring White as a local “pharmacist.”

Kim Kardashian: T- Mobile

Kimmy K’s big appearance in T-Mobile’s commercial to advertise roll over data (that can be used to follow her along with all of her selfies) was a huge win.

Liam Neeson: Clash of Clans

Neeson undoubtedly impressed with his Clash of Clans commercial where he adds a different flare to his speech from the movie Taken.

The Cutest Commercials:adco1-master675

Puppy Love: Budweiser

Budweiser once again hits home with a commercial about a yellow lab who gets lost.  It comes down his clydesdale friends to help save him from the terrors of the outside world and bring him back home.

The Funniest Commercials:

635584166219279430-The-Fiat-F00X-Blue-Pill-2The Blue Pill: Fiat

Fiat definitely impressed (and shocked) many viewers with their commercial that advertised their “super sized” 2015 500X.

The Brady Bunch: Snickers

Snickers put an old fashioned twist on their classic commercials when they incorporated the Brady Bunch into their advertisement.

unnamedThe Most Powerful Commercials

Like a Girl: Always

Always’ commercial that presented the difference between older girls and boys running, fighting or throwing like a girl when compared to little girls that haven’t gone through puberty yet.

Preventable Accidents: Nationwide

Nationwide’s commercial was a little bit dark. It presented a kid telling us how he’d never grow up, leaving the audience waiting for the happy ending. Instead, Nationwide presented that most child deaths are a result of a preventable accident. Powerful, yes. Pleasant, no.

Overall, the commercials this year for the Super Bowl were definitely ones for the books.

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