Top Five Things to do Over Winter Break


Winter break is a time for everyone to relax and take a break from school. Many people go out of state, or travel short distances to see family. But, if you aren’t going anywhere, what can you do to have fun and enjoy your winter break?

  1. Go downtown. There are plenty of fun and free activities to do downtown, such as the Southwest Rink at Skyline Park. It’s open until Feb. 17, and you can bring your own ice skates to the rink, or rent for a minimal cost.

  2. Go skiing or snowboarding. This is a good activity to do with your family or friends, and many times there are good deals for a day pass. Echo Mountain is a great resort, and a short drive from Denver.

  3. Just relax. Sometimes not doing anything can be the best thing to do. Relaxing, catching up on your sleep and staying at home are all ideal things to do over winter break.

  4. Go sledding. Doing this in your local neighborhood with your friends or siblings can be a fun activity, and a great way to spend some time outdoors and get fresh air.

  5. Zoo lights. This event lasts until Jan. 5, and is a popular and enjoyable activity to do with friends, family or your boyfriend/girlfriend.There are 40 acres of exhibits lit up bright, and is an easy and fun event to do this winter breakurl
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