Top 5 Affordable Gadgets from CES 2016

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show debuted many brand new and innovative gadgets for the 2016 market. Even though much of the tech is too expensive for the average consumer, here are the top 5 affordable gadgets from CES2016.



5. Bragi Dash Bluetooth earbuds. $TBD

After a few failed KickStarter campaigns, Bragi LLC has finally debuted a new generation of premium wireless earbuds. The hefty earbuds will get you built-in motion sensors so a play and a pause is as good as a nod or a shake of your head. They also come installed with an pedometer and GPS to track distances. No phone? No problem, the Dash comes with 4GB internal storage for playing all your songs during a tough workout without a phone in your pocket.


4. Ampware External Battery Case for iPhone. $79

Ever struggle to find a good battery pack to extend the life of your phone on a long camping trip or a day at school? The Ampware iPhone case comes with a hand crank which will extend the battery life of your iPhone for an hour (If you’re willing to crank it for five minutes).


3. Razer Nabu X Activity Tracker $40


An Alarmingly cheap activity tracker with all the regulars such as heart rate monitor, GPS, step-counter, nothing beats the Nabu X as an affordable activity tracker.


2. FitGuard mouthpiece $TBD

Okay. Maybe not for everybody, but for the contact-sport athlete (or coach) looking to protect themselves or their players from concussions, the FitGuard mouthpiece is a priceless piece of technology that may potentially protect a player who had just taken a hard hit. FitGuard pairs with an iOS device, such as  iPhone or iPad through an app, and will also flash red when a hard hit with potential to develop a concussion is made

1.Acer 11 Chromebook $179

Probably the best investment for the average student. For $179, the Acer Chromebook is everything the average student needs. Pre-installed with Chrome, the Acer Chromebook will handle practically all internet tasks such as the Google Docs suite (also with offline capabilities), Microsoft Office Online and with various video sites such as Youtube and Netflix. This year’s model also comes installed with one of the most powerful processors that has ever been inside a Chromebook. The Intel Celeron N2840, is a 2.16 GHz processor, a processor that is on par with a MacBook Air for a bargain price in a Chromebook.


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