Today is three years since My Chemical Romance split up

As of today, it has been three years since rock band My Chemical Romance’s split.

Prior to its demise, the band released four studio albums, two live albums and six EPs. From 2001 until 2013, My Chemical Romance created a huge revolution within the emo and punk scene, inspiring many other bands to start up.

Formed shortly after the September 11 attacks, singer Gerard Way was inspired to create something that would create an impact. After recruiting several other members, the band was in full effect.

Its impact on the scene was one that could not be forgotten.

Tyler Felske, senior:

My first experience with the band will never be forgotten. Ten years ago its third album, The Black Parade, was released. I heard it when it first came out because a friend of mine had an older sister who was into them.

I’ve been a fan ever since that album came out.

Aly Hoffman, sophomore:

My Chemical Romance entered my life in a very special way that no other band did. I was going through some very hard times and didn’t know how to express how I felt until an old friend of mine had me listen to “Welcome to The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance.

After listening to this song I got more and more into the band and started to relate to the lyrics and music to my life. Without this band being in my life, I wouldn’t have had my music horizons expanded and I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

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