Tips for Success: Bracket Madness


The March Madness tournament is approaching, and it is time for many basketball fans to begin completing their brackets for the competition. Before rushing into creating a bracket, here are a few tips that may help result in success.


  1. Looking at a bracket, it is sometimes easy to decide that if one team is ranked higher than the other, they are obviously going to be victorious. However, this is not the caseUnknown, a team that is ranked at ninth can easily beat a team ranked at a higher location. Therefore, while making a bracket, do not let the rankings of the teams strictly determine the ending of the game.
  2. Sometimes, it is easy to go along picking the favorite teams or powerhouses from last year to win games. Teams gain and lose key players every year, and these lineup changes can affect a team’s performance, making it better or worse than the same team that participated in March Madness last season. Try having a little faith in the underdogs that didn’t achieve much success last year because upsets are common in a tournament as big as the one that is about to be played.
  3. Going along with the previous point, it is good to take risks sometimes when picking teams for the competition. In the event of an upset, a risk taken can pay off very well, especially for those who are involved in a pool with friends or coworkers.

For a better chance at winning a pool, create a wide variety of different brackets that don’t predict the same results. Project a mix of expected victors as well as unexpected ones, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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