Tips For Passing AP Exams


It’s officially that time of year. AP Exams start May 6 and continue on until May 17. Stressing out? Here are some tips on how to raise your scores to the very top:

1) Review. If you have a review book don’t put it away these last few days. Keep making sure you remember the important things. If you don’t have one yet you need to start going through one. Better late than never.

2) Take Practice Tests. Take them in your review guide, online, in class and wherever else you can find them.

3) Relax. When you’ve been studying so hard that your mind has stopped absorbing information, take a break. Workout, get a drink or chat with a friend. Then you can go back to working.

4) Don’t skip any readings. Read the entire review guide before you actually take the test and make sure to read everything on the test (AP English exams especially like to trick the students who didn’t read the whole passage).

5) Read something before the exam. Do not let the exam be the first thing you read that day. Read some of a book or an article before so your mind is already awake when you walk into the exam room. Otherwise your brain will just be waking up in the middle of the exam.

6) Watch the time. When actually taking the test make sure you have a watch so you know how much longer you have and don’t run out of time before you’re done.

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