Time to Terminate Trump Tuesdays


It’s Oct. 27, the last Tuesday of the month. That being said, today’s blog is my last weekly post about the man, the myth, the living legend– Donald Trump.

I’d like to say that I’m surprised Trump has even stayed around in the news long enough for me to write out this entire month, but I’m not.

Every time he slips up, whether that be in person or in the polls, his strength seems to grow. It’s a Hydra thing– when you cut down his notoriety once, it grows back twice as strong.

Back in the beginnings, when Trump first began his campaign, I remember the news coverage– particularly that of Jon Stewart. The Daily Show was a party that week, with laughs leading the way for Trump’s coverage.

The laughs over proposals such as the Great Wall of Trump soon transformed into a strange sense of fear as he began rising in the polls. At first, his gains were small and most likely only caused by the distinction of his name. Soon, with double digit leads of the other dozen candidates, it became clear that (oh, no) the GOP may actually value their newfound savior.

I can only imagine that Stewart is shivering in fear now seeing that Trump still has a steady hold on the election (except, of course, in Iowa– maybe that state where the cows overpopulate the people is the glimmering beacon of hope).

Around the same time, when Trump borderline attacked Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for being a prisoner of war saying he prefers “a war hero” that “wasn’t captured,” people everywhere came out saying that the comment may be the beginning of his downfall, and understandably so.

Instead, what we saw was Trump emerge as the honest frontrunner.

He has since proceeded to grant Sen. Lindsey Graham’s number to the entire world, accuse President Barack Obama (once again) of being an immigrant, call global warming a myth (because, after all, there’s still ice some places on the planet), acclaim himself to have “a great relationship with the blacks” and even accuse the rich of outsourcing jobs in too similar of a way that Trump does so himself.

But up and up and up he goes, riding the escalator all the way to the top.

(Watch: Donald Trump rescinds down escalator and gives one of the scariest, most hilarious presidential announcements in American history.)

My only hope is that Trump’s power will simmer down soon enough that we don’t have to look back and think to ourselves “who let that happen?”

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