Three Craziest Moments on The Bachelor


This week’s episode of The Bachelor was nothing short of entertaining. The girls couldn’t seem to catch a break and we truly got to begin to see drama unfold. Below are what we think to be this week’s craziest moments. There are the moments that give us hope for dramatic episodes to come.

Olivia and her Cankles: As the season continues on we see more of Olivia’s psycho. This week on The Bachelor, Ben announced at the cocktail party that he found out two really close family friends died in a plane crash. Obviously Ben was mourning and looking for comfort. Before he even finished his sentence Olivia asked if she could pull him aside. Ben was happy because Olivia is one of his favorites and he wanted her sympathy. Olivia instead blurts out that she has weird toes and cankles. She starts crying because she said it’s been hard being judged for it. Ben was left speechless but ended up still giving her a rose (uh why?). Awkward.

Amber and her Insanity: Amber has been complaining since week one that she hardly gets any time with Ben, but she never goes out of her way to talk to him. Newsflash: when 24 girls date the same guy at the same time you’re going to have to talk to him first. Chivalry hardly exists when it comes proper “guy talks to girl first” etiquette. Along with her clingy, dependent attitude she likes to stir the pot. It’s obvious that jealousies with flair, but we don’t understand what the problem was with Jubilee giving grieving Ben a massage. It didn’t look good for Amber that she was trashing a crying Jubilee in front of Ben. Ben ended up sticking up for Jubilee leaving Amber shocked. If Amber didn’t already have a rose from her group date we’re about 99.99999 percent positive that she would’ve been packing her bags.

Lace and her Departure: Lace has been this season’s villain from the start. She drinks too much and then stirs up drama. This week, however, Lace looks in the mirror and realizes she needs to change herself. She decides she needs to leave the show because “how is she supposed to love someone else when she can’t even love herself.” Correction: she knows she’s not going to get a rose and she wants to be the one to end it. It was clear Ben wasn’t too upset over the situation considering his only response to it all was “uh, can I get a hug.”

If you aren’t excited for week four of The Bachelor then you clearly hate drama and good entertainment. Who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned girl fights?

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