“This Is Not An Album” Review


Genre: Rock (Indie)/Alternative

Release Date: November 11, 2016

Lyrics by: Beau Hanson (“Patience” and “Mountains”), Patrick Malin (“Friday Night Psychosis” and
“Railway Spine”), Patrick Malin and Beau Hanson (“At Last”)

Music by: Beau Hanson (“Mountains” and “Patience”) and Patrick Malin, Spencer Serumaga and Spencer Anema (“At Last”, “Friday Night Psychosis”, “Railway Spine”)

Performers: Patrick Malin (Vocals, Guitar), Spencer Serumaga (Bass, Vocals), Spencer Anema (Drums) and Beau Hanson (Guitar, Vocals)

Description: “Let the smooth, harmonious and calming beats of The Also’s ‘This Is Not An Album’ guide you on a voyage to another state of mind.”

Many people are going to listen to “This Is Not An Album” (2016) and joke about it’s psychedelic style by saying it sounds like something you would listen to while taking drugs, but I can assure you that I listened to this 100 percent sober and the music still transported me to another state of mind.

The Also succeed in taking music connoisseurs on an enlightening and hair-raising journey through their clear vocals, skillful guitar work and steady drumming in “This Is Not An Album” which encompasses five extraordinary and sensational songs that both awaken and calm the human spirit and mind.

The band was mainly inspired to play music by the legendary Led Zeppelin and unparalleled Pink Floyd, but when I listened to “This Is Not An Album”, I noticed the familiar styles of the Doors, the Moody Blues, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead in their music. These familiar styles are what made me want to listen to the EP repeatedly and I can confirm after several listens that the best songs are “Patience” (2016), “Friday Night Psychosis” (2016) and “Railway Spine” (2016). This does not in any way, shape or form mean that “At Last” (2016) or “Mountains” (2016) are bad because they most certainly are not; those two songs just did not communicate with me or transport me as much as the other three did.

I am going to give The Also’s “This Is Not An Album” an “A” and I am going to highly suggest you buy/stream this EP for the following reason; we are vastly approaching Finals Week. If you do not wish to explode into a massive fit of stress and anxiety, you are going to need something to calm you down, relax you and/or take you to another world/state of mind. Why not take a 24 minute break from study guides, PowerPoints and review sheets to indulge in the liberating and tranquil melodies of The Also in “This Is Not An Album”? After all, you never know if this album’s calming nature might ignite a creative, intelligent and/or critical side of you that you never knew you had.

“This Is Not An Album” can be purchased on iTunes for $4.95 or streamed on Spotify for free. Follow The Also on Facebook for more information on the band and their music.

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