Things to Keep in Mind for a Visit to the Art Museum


Sometimes looking for things to do on a budget is tough, especially when that budget consists of the leftover change you found underneath the couch cushions. Luckily, the Denver Art Museum is free admissions to anybody 18 and under. Since the art museum is free and an incredibly cool place to go, it seemed only right to provide you with suggestions on what to do while there.

  • Go with a group of friends. If you come to find that there’s an open day on you and your friend’s calendars, consider planning a trip to the Denver Art Museum (D.A.M.) There are a tremendous amount of opportunities offered by the museum to make sure that your time there is anything but mediocre.
  • Plan Ahead.  The featured exhibits at the museum are constantly changing creating new experiences each and every time you visit. The Museum website will show up to date information on present and future opportunities that are coming up. There are a couple events coming up called Untitled Final Fridays where you have the chance to connect with the community through different creative outlets.
  • Use the resources provided by the museum. Check out the D.A.M Rover Program, which is a resource for visitors of all ages that allows you to create an experience fit to what your personal interests. To use this program, just hop onto your smartphone browser, follow the instructions on the web page, and just like that you have the ability to have a personalized art adventure based on what you’re into.


  • Enjoy the artwork. The museum also has their fair share of permanent displays that rotate in and out, which gives you the opportunity to see something new each visit.


  • Appreciate what there is to offer. The D.A.M. is epic and has the largest collection of American Indian artwork in the United States. They were one of the first art museums in the nation to incorporate Native American pieces into their collection. To see this you would need to check out levels two and three of the North Building. There’s so much more to the museum that the only way you can find out about it all is to visit for yourself.



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