Therapy Dog Lounge NEWS


Since their arrival this past fall, the therapy dogs have been helping the majority of Vista’s students relieve their stress in a fun and relaxing manner on a daily basis. Because of this, there is now a higher demand to access the therapy dogs – which was proven challenging in such a small space.

In order to provide easier access for all stressed students and staff, the therapy dogs have moved to the library. There will now be an enclosed and gated area where the couches are in the back of the library, and will be available to students each period.

The dogs will no longer be available for visits in L423.

A signed legal waiver is needed to visit the therapy dogs. It can be printed by a teacher and given to a student, or picked up in the therapy dog lounge in the library. Starting on April 11, teachers can refer students to the therapy dogs at their own professional discretion.

The area is not intended to be used in serious issues or concerns. If a student suffers from this, please refer them to the counseling office instead.

Please note that the therapy dog lounge is intended to be a place for students that are overwhelmed, stressed, or need a moment to collect themselves. This is not intended to be a place for students that just want to play with a dog rather than be in class.

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