The Women Tell All


On this year’s “Women Tell All” of the Bachelor, we experienced the drama, tears and laughs that we see every year. This year the spotlight seemed to be on Olivia and Jubilee, the two that make the best TV.


Olivia had to face all the girls she has trash talked throughout the whole season and it got brutal. Olivia used excuse after excuse to justify her rudeness until she finally caved and apologized. However, it was too late and we got the feeling that her apology was for the cameras and that nobody genuinely forgave her.


Jubilee was confronted by Amber and Jami. Jubilee allegedly repeatedly called herself “the only real black girl.” This caused some girls to feel offended, rightfully so. In our opinion, Jubilee got far too much air time. Their argument went on for a very long time and after awhile it got repetitive and petty. And then she got to sit in the “Hot Seat” to talk to Chris Harrison. Jubilee seems like a great girl and incredibly brave (she has served four tours for the army and is now a sergeant), but she just doesn’t fit into The Bachelor crowd. She got more time than Caila, the second runner up, which seems extreme.


Amanda had her heart broken right after her hometown dates, but went and faced Ben and all the ladies with nothing but class. She and Ben seem to have a friendship now and are on good terms.
After all the drama unfolded we got to see a blooper reel which was, of course, very entertaining. We got to reminisce on what a disaster the show truly is and relive the date where all the girls were being attacked by vicious pigs. Finally, they showed a preview of the finale, which will air next Monday, and it looks nothing shy of a train wreck. Ben, Lauren and Jojo were in tears for at least 75% of it and he can’t decide who he loves more.

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