“The Winter’s Tale” Review


As a movie that was premiered on Valentine’s Day, it was not a romantic love story. Two days after Valentine’s Day, I saw it with my urlboyfriend thinking it would be romantic. “The Winter’s Tale” is a supernatural drama that was directed and written by Akiva Goldsman.

“The Winter’s Tale” is about a thief, Peter Lake who was played by Colin Farrell, who falls madly in love with a girl, Beverly Penn who was played by Jessica Brown Findlay, who is dying of “consumption,” she ended up dying within days of meeting Peter Lake. When Beverly Penn died Peter Lake tried saving her by a kiss which is just like any other love story.

While some demons supposively killed Lake in a one minute battle that consisted of slapping each other. A hundred years later he woke up abruptly with a picture in his mind of a girl with long red hair looking at the moon. He felt that is was his destiny to stay alive in order to save someone. He ran into this little girl in a park and she ended up being the one that he was meant to save all along not Penn who he had wish he had brought back from the dead.

Where stuff got really weird is when Will Smith ended up being Lucifer, the devil. There was also this mystical horse that showed up out of no where whenever the thief was having trouble in order to save him. It never explained why the demons were after him but they were creating a “buzz kill” in the love story. There was a lot of talk about how light shined but I never understood where it had tied in with the actual story.

The preview made it seem like there would be a completely different outcome of this love story which made me quite disappointed.

I enjoyed the story about destiny and finding someone that will change your life forever. I did not understand why there were demons and magical horses. They could have been regular people rather than creatures that were out of the blue. If the story line was taken in a different way, the movie would have been a lot better. If the story was more focused on love and hope then it would have been a lot better.

I would not recommend this movie to anyone. Save money and time.

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