The Weaver Legacy



Brothers. Some can’t stand them. Some can’t live without them.

For senior Preston and freshman Adin Weaver, their brotherhood centers around being legacies. Their grandfather began the tradition as a wrestler, passed it down to his son and now, his sons are an integral part of Vista’s Varsity wrestling program.

“We’re continuing the Weaver legacy,” Preston said. “It’s nice to not have it stop at me, but to continue through Adin.”

Although Preston’s been wrestling longer than his younger brother, Adin made the decision to participate on his own. However, Adin can’t deny the influence his older brother has on him.

“He’s taught me to endure through the end and never give up, because if you do, you’ll never know what you can actually achieve,” Adin said. Hard work is a staple for the Weavers; they train together and push each other to be better. On the other hand, Preston says his brother knows how to take a step back and laugh, too.

“He definitely brings a little comic relief to the team,” he said. When you get the two together, there’s no avoiding a little fun.

“The best part of being on the team with Preston is joking around and having fun because we can goof off together,” Adin said.

Being on the wrestling team at Vista is a special experience, one that Preston hopes his brother takes full advantage of, brotherhood and all.

“The relationship us four seniors have created is the best part about the wrestling program for me,” Preston said. “We’re all one big family and it just keeps growing every year.”

As a three-year state qualifier, Preston has left his brother with big shoes to fill. And Adin has every intention to step up. “This year and the next few years I hope to qualify and place at state,” Adin said. “It’s always good to have a bar set.”

If nothing else, Preston wants his brother, successor and friend to take one thing away from Vista’s wrestling program: “The only way to success is to work hard, and when you think that you’ve worked hard enough, you haven’t, and you need to work harder.”

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