The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 12 Review


Last Sunday’s episode of AMC’s hit tv show “The Walking Dead” left fans wondering a multitude of questions. Such as who will Negan kill on the season 6 finale that will be aired April 3? Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes on the show said this about the finale in 4 weeks: “I was so angry and frustrated and I felt sick. And that was just after reading it.”

Seeing Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) in Sunday’s episode of when we first met young Glenn driving like a madman away from Atlanta. To the father who in his own words “I’ve been lucky too”, when Heath asked if Glenn has had to kill anyone. To Carol staying to protect Maggie  (Played by Lauren Cohan), because of her being pregnant.

The series is getting darker and darker with each episode leading up to an explosion on April 3. We as fans watched as our characters deal with this next world of realizing that killing people is a norm in this world now. You must accept to action of killing people to protect your family. From beginning to end of last Sunday’s episode we were on our toes with anticipation of who will die and who will live.

But the real cherry on top of this heart pounding episode was the last five minutes when we realize that Carol and Maggie are being held captive by a mysterious group that is outnumbered. We only assume that these people are the saviors from the factory where Negan. Or did they really kill him in his sleep?

This episode held a very heavy feeling of a shift of the show when Paul “Jesus” Rovia shot a man in front of Glenn and Heath and said “So, this is the next world?” In the ending of the episode we were introduced to Holly on a recently deceased saviors radio. Holly is a savior from Negan’s actual HQ, the factory.

Was this a trap? Did Rick and his family just murder people to fall into Negan’s plan? Showrunner Scott Gimple did confirm that we will be seeing Negan on the finale in four weeks.

This episode was one to remember for the fans. In my opinion this episode was a four out of five.       

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