The Urban Suburbans Plan for their Big Gig


Two students from Mountain Vista High School, junior Morgan Skillington (lead singer and pianist) and sophomore Madi Spillman (lead guitarist), are both part of the band The Urban Suburbans.

The band formed about two and a half years ago, although Skillington didn’t join until last January. “The entire band is made up of cousins and siblings,” Skillington said. “I got into the band because Madi would hear me sing all the time during softball.”

Aside from the two members from Vista, there’s also two students that attend ThunderRidge High School (Dom and Devin Elliot) and one student that attends Mountain Ridge Middle School (Ian Spillman).

Since January, the band hasn’t performed in very many shows. “Even though weFullSizeRender haven’t played much yet, we still participated in a battle of the bands competition that was a lot of fun,” Skillington said. “We were also invited to play at a college next May around graduation time.”

The next show the band is set to perform is this upcoming Saturday on Nov. 15 at 4:30 p.m. at The Toad Tavern.

“It’s our first major gig so there’s a lot of nerves and excitement running through it,” Skillington said.

“This has been my dream forever,” Madi said, “to play in a band.” All of the members are extremely enthusiastic about their upcoming show. “Now that we have a chance, we’ll make the most of it,” Madi said.

You can catch The Urban Suburbans this Sat. Nov. 15 at The Toad Tavern off of S Federal Blvd and W Berry Ave. For more information on the band, visit their site here.

Photo Credit: Heather Skillington


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