The Stress of Homework


Homework is just one of the many things that stress students out in their day-to-day lives. Some students will spend up to seven hours on homework after school and still not finish all of it.

Many teachers will say homework is a way to review what students learn in class so they do not forget it in the time between classes.

It is also understood that in advanced placement classes more homework is given than in regular courses.

The teaches try to make AP classes more like a college course, however, in college often the only homework is a reading assignment that is not checked off for a grade. The professors simply expect you to do the reading or else you will fail the class.

When students were asked what they thought the point of homework was, many replied with to waste my time or it is just busy work.

I am not saying homework is not helpful. In fact, it has many benefits, including reviewing what was taught that class period, as well as reviewing for a quiz or test.

However, when the homework is checked every day even if nothing new was taught during class,why do teachers still assign homework?

“Some teachers assign what you didn’t finish in class as homework, and that should not happen,” an anonymous student said in a survey. “Homework should just be a few practice problems.”

Teachers also have to realize that most students are involved in after-school activiimgresties including sports or clubs.

“We have a life outside of school,” sophomore Austin Harris said.

This causes many students to be up late doing homework or not doing homework at all because they choose sleep over homework.

“Schools should assign less homework because the kids that play sports or do extracurricular activities after school, like myself, end up doing homework until midnight and we are always running on empty,” junior Paul Reyes said.

It seems that some teachers do not always realize that other teachers are assigning homework as well.

“Most of my classes don’t give me a ton of homework, but when I get seven classes worth of homework, it takes a really long time to finish it all,” another anonymous student said.

Because of the amount of homework given in some classes, as well as the fact it can possibly determine the grade in a class, it is obvious that it causes stress to many students.

“Homework causes an abundance of unnecessary stress on to students,” one student explained.

Some students do not think homework is a bad idea and even think it is helpful. They just wish that it would not take up so much time.

“Teachers assign homework to help review for tests and quizes, but I would also like to spend time with my friends and family and not always be doing homework,” one students said.

Granted, homework is not always a bad thing. However, it does add extra work and stress to students that could be avoided if the amount of homework was reduced.

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