The Rise is Real

Colorado Buffalo fans have waited an eternity to say “It’s gameday” in the month of December, and 2016 provided just that for Buff fans.
In 2016 the Buffs were 10-3 and bowl eligible for the first time in nearly 10 years. The last time CU played in a bowl was a 30-24 loss to Alabama in 2007.
This past year the Buffs beat no. 23 Washington State at home as well as no. 19 Utah to win the Pac-12 South. Being a season ticket holder I have suffered through these tough times.
When CU beat Utah on Nov. 26, Folsom Field turned into a party. The entire student section rushed the field and celebrated with the team immediately after the clock hit zero. As I rushed the field with them it didn’t feel like a bunch of random people, it felt like a family finally getting to celebrate the good times together.
Sports in Boulder have created more than just fans, they have created an family of over 32,000.
The feeling of having a whole community rooting for the same cause is amazing.
Sports are able to bring us together in ways nothing else can, and that is what the Buffs have done this season.
“As the year went on, the team has rallied the community and we have come together as fans” Matt Thomas, 10, said.
The rise is real as the Buff community says, which is the motto for this years season.

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