The Perks of Being an Iron Eagle


Iron Eagle is a powerlifting club offered after school.  Anyone can join whether you are an athlete or not. “Even if you don’t participate in a sport, you can still join,” club sponsor George Gardner said.

This club offers members the opportunity to either help get ready for their sports season or to just work out. Gardner adds,  “Anyone who would like to come (to the club), can come,” Gardner said.

Iron Eagle Club’s main focus is to teach its members how to properly lift weights to become stronger. “Iron Eagle teaches technique,” head coach Kent Allison said.“The more repetitions that you do … the more you get it into your head that the practice really makes perfect and it helps later on,” sophomore Morgan Scherrer said.

This is a fairly small club with only six active members, but this makes the training more personal. “The people in it [this club] are a lot of fun. It is really great just hanging out with everyone that is here, and I really am improving my strength and stability,” Sherrer said.

For the more seasoned powerlifter, the Iron Eagle Club also prepares its members for competitions with other schools.  

“The technique that we use can help in other areas in life,” Scherrer said.

If you are interested in joining this great way to earn extra muscle, all you have to do is sign up here. Check out the website for meeting times and more information about the club.

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